Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Time for a Strategy!

There is growing concern in the wider community about the need for a framework for the Central City rebuild.

We have a plan (blueprint) which has been out there for a while but we seem to be missing a strategy on how to deliver on that plan and any robust economic analysis on key projects and precinct development.

I am sure the work has been done but it needs to be put into the public  forum so potential investors in the central city and those intending to relocate back into the central city can have a framework of certainty to work around. Until that information is available people will hold off making critical decisions which will impact on the city’s future.

Now would be a good time for that information to be put on the table.

Just  by the way, I travelled through Central Otago over the past weekend and  took a couple of shots just to remind myself what a beautiful country we live in. It was also a reminder of the interdependency of the rebuild of Christchurch and our regionally South Island economy.

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