Tuesday, 2 July 2013

I spent last Saturday night in an ambulance!

This was part of a St John profile raising and fundraising appeal. It was a real eye opener!

The team I was allocated to were absolutely professional in their approach, highly patient focused and strong believers in the St John cause.

We had a steady night dealing with a variety of issues all of which were dealt with in a way that the patients overtly welcomed and appreciated.

Being there quickly and providing comfort, care and relief is just part of team’s responsibility and they do it so well. It takes special people to do what is done and I can vouch for the team I was with. They did it all so well!  

I was also impressed  with Pegasus Health 24 Hour surgery, which was the base for our ambulance, just getting on with yet another busy Saturday night.  The Accident and Emergency Department at the hospital deserves praise as well. We visited them three times on Saturday night and they were managing a high work load, professionally and efficiently!

I am a strong supporter of St John. Saturday night just reinforced why. If you would like to help the cause please consider making a donation through the facility - just click here to donate.

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