Tuesday, 31 July 2012

CCDU 100 Day Blueprint

The 30 July 100 Day Blueprint announcement for Christchurch is the single most significant sign of progress this city has seen since September 4 2010.

The eagerly anticipated plan can only be described as visionary, bold, dynamic and overall extremely exciting and encouraging for our businesses and the wider community.

It provides confidence, certainty and direction for the city, our businesses and local, national and international investors. The announcement of the anchor projects and their location, provides strong and encouraging signals for the attraction and retention of investment and human capital.

The plan facilitates a new form of economic geography for the CBD and promises to deliver exciting new clusters of activity with the aim of lifting productivity and reinstating business scale and supply chain efficiencies. This will result in a smarter and more productive world class central city.

We are also pleased to see the city’s strong natural attributes being incorporated into a vibrant, distinctive and globally relevant city that will deliver economic, social and cultural benefits to Christchurch, Canterbury and New Zealand as the country’s second largest city.

CECC is supporting and endorsing the plan. Now is the critical time to move from a city transitioning from disaster to recovery and an opportunity for participation from the whole community to turn this from a plan to a reality. 

The next steps involve the execution of the plan and we look forward to playing an active part through CECC to assist Local and Central Government to do that.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

A tribute to July 30!

Apologies to Petula Clark  “Downtown”

A tribute to July 30

When you're at home and feeling quite roamy
You can’t always go, downtown
When you’ve got worries, all the noise and the worry
Will not help I know, downtown

Just listen to the rumble of the nibblers in the city
Linger on the sidewalk
It's not looking very pretty
What will you choose?

The lights are much darker there
You’ll remember your troubles
You’ll remember your fears, so no

Downtown, but things will be great when we’ve
Rebuilt, no finer place for sure
Downtown, the futures waiting for you

Don’t hang around and let your problems surround you
There are moves afoot, downtown,
On July Thirty the future we will all court, downtown

Just listen to the words of  leading politicians
Hear what they will to reverse the bad attrition
Happy again
The lights will be brighter there
You’ll forget all your troubles
Forget all you tears, so go

Downtown, where all the plans are bright
Downtown waiting for you alright
Downtown , its going to be alright now.


And you will find a some people kind
From the CCDU
Who have a brilliant plan in mind
A gentle hand, to guide you along

So maybe I’ll see you there
We can forget all our troubles
And give a big cheer and go

Things will be great when we’re downtown
Don't wait a minute more
Downtown everything’s waiting for you.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

New beginnings, new life.

We are heading into a busy period at CECC which very much revolves around spring, new beginnings and new life. The well publicised work being done by the Christchurch Central Development Unit  is to be announced in late July. The eagerly awaited Blueprint, outlining the future construct of our Central City has the potential to re-energise wider Christchurch. It has been described by Warwick Isaacs, Director of CCDU, as being brave and visionary. We are hoping for a radical plan that will  take the city somewhere new. CECC will be closely involved in encouraging Central City redevelopment. New beginnings going in to spring which has always been about restarting and new growth!

Then in September we celebrate business success with the Champion Canterbury Awards. There are around 200 finalists with the winners being announced at a black tie dinner on September 27.  The awards are about celebrating new business activity and the valuable contribution made by business to this community.

Exciting and positive times ahead, which we should all be actively engaging in!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Measurable signs of economic activity gathering momentum

We  are seeing some measurable signs of economic activity gathering momentum in Christchurch. Canterbury’s spending out paced the rest of New Zealand from June 2011 to June 2012 with a 6.8% increase, compared to the national average of 5.1%

It has grown off a relatively low post earthquake base but the rate of spend is impressive and we expect it to continue.

We are also seeing a big increase in Canterbury based job listings on TradeMe with a phenomenal 49% increase in listings year on year. The pace of housing repairs continues to gather momentum and the very visible work on City streets, repairing and replacing infrastructure is quite obvious. Of course there are still frustrations with housing rebuilds and  houses requiring major repairs, but remember we are just at the beginning of the recovery phase so these economic indicators are going to continue to increase.

We should also be excited by the pending announcement from CCDU due out in lateJuly. CERA have been preparing a Recovery Plan for the Central City. The blueprint team lead by BoffMiskell and the CCDU unit have had 100 days to build on the CCC's work and this plan has the potential to re-energise the city. In harmony with this announcement, we are hoping to identify companies who will make a commitment to return to the Central City. The commitment to returning is more important that the timing of the return. If you are committed to go back into the Central City please let me know via email at petert@cecc.org.nz. This is a critical moment in the regions rebuild and there will be a huge media interest. We want momentum to be seen to be building and are working on ideas to profile companies committed to being part of the Central City rebuild.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Thanks for putting on a good show Akaroa!

Over the past weekend I entertained some guests from South Africa. As part of their visit I took them out to Akaroa to show them some of the beauty of our part of the world.

One of them was a long distance cyclist who was very  keen on learning more about Le Race.

We  enjoyed a very nice lunch in Akaroa and a visit the Gallery Rue Lavard, owned by an ex employee of the Chamber. We also had a good look around the retail offering which is interesting and varied. 

Sometimes it take visitors to remind us what we a have at our back door. We should celebrate the beauty and diversity of what we have on offer locally, much more often. Thanks for putting on a good show Akaroa.