Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Coming up in 2015

Our online training & events calendar for 2015 is up and running and we have some great new training workshops planned for the new year. Have a look at the following and take some time to plan your team’s professional development as many of our courses fill up quickly.

Human Resources 

Report Writing - Key components of effective report writing, including the ability to structure your content so that information is sequenced and signposted logically, and so that your report fulfills its purpose. Click here.

Courageous Conversations - Explores the skills required to deliver honest, constructive feedback in an authentic manner, which addresses the challenges of difficult and challenging behaviour across a range of workplace contexts. Click here.

Health and Safety 

Contractor management - Understand your responsibilities regarding contractor engagement and management under the current health and safety legislation - and the proposed new legislation. Click here.


Focus on Growing Sales - Key strategies for building a long-term profitable business. Click here.


Top Tips for Amazing Websites - Is your website the best it can be? Does it provide a great user experience? Is it bringing you new business? If the answer is No, then this course will provide you with plenty of tips to shape up your website. Click here.

- This workshop will introduce LinkedIn, cover how to set up an account that looks professional, discuss effective use of the service and how it can be used to benefit a business. Click here.

Digital Strategy -
Learn how to use the internet to grow your business. Click here.

Understanding Social Media 
- Social media is here to stay and is a key tool that will help drive your business forward. You will learn about the main social media platforms and which ones are right for your business. Click here.


Mastering your Cashflow - Forecasting your business finances and how to prepare financial forecasts and make better business decisions. Click here.

Business Strategy

My Business Rules - Maximise the profitability, cashflow and value of your business. You'll receive all the tools, tips, techniques and take-away workbook to help grow your business. Click here.

For more information on any of the above training courses please contact the CECC team on 366 5096 or visit the website.

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