Thursday, 5 February 2015

One month into the new year we have good cause to be positive about our lot!

Most  of us have enjoyed a magic  summer  with plenty of hot days  to enjoy the  fabulous offering of outdoor Christchurch and our region. Of course The farmers in Canterbury are paying a terrible  price right now for the continuing lack of rain and we all hope they get some serious relief  soon.

Our city  continues to benefit from the $100 million being spent every week and it is  really starting to show.

2015 will be  a year of much greater certainty and  continuing progress towards creating a new and exciting central city.

The critical issues we  a will confront on the months ahead include
  • Addressing the issues of those still significantly  disadvantaged as a result of the earthquake. Now that we are making real progress we  need to ensure that those that still need  help, get it.
  • Settling the balance of the insurance issues. The tail is diminishing but the issues are increasingly complex and potentially litigious.
  • Managing potential constraints around  labour, material supplies and  capital.
  • Driving more certainty into central city outcomes including The Frame, traffic, parking, private sector builds, key project and precinct development.
  • Identifying what our real aspirations for Christchurch City are.
  • Working out what the future of Canterbury looks like.
  • Consolidating Christchurch’s  role as the economic urban powerhouse of the  South Island.
It is  now all about realising and  maximising opportunities that  we  have before us.
Exciting times and not a moment to loose.

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