Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Merry Christmas from the CECC team

It was two weeks before Christmas and panic was rife,
There was trouble brewing all round,
The tense atmosphere could be cut with a knife,
No goodwill nor peace to be found.

T’was clear that the businesses in our fair City,
And beyond, were involved in a scrum,
No time to prepare, which was a great pity,
No time, and so much more to be done.

“What does Christmas mean for holiday pay?”
Could be heard echoing throughout the land
A day in lieu, oh what do I do?”
Cried the unhappy employer band.

“New regulations for Safety and Health,
Are upon us next year we are told
Onerous obligation approaching with stealth?
Or is it protection for our dear fold?”

“And where will I get my documents signed?
What days can I have that done?
I’ve Exports orders to ship, without a slip,
While most will have holiday fun”

“And I have a great need to upskill my team?
I just do not know when to go
Can somebody help?” was said with a yelp
I am confused, I need help, don’t you know?

“WE ARE HERE, NEVER FEAR” was the cry that prevailed
It rang out, strong, over all the concern
“Our team will be sure to come to your aid
Heed our message and you will learn!”

“That we exist to serve you and your business concerns
Your needs we consistently rehearse
At your service, we remain, with loyal proclaim
The Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce” 

Merry Christmas to all our loyal and supportive members
Kindest regards from the CECC team

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