Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Nominations have now closed for the imminent CECC Board Elections...

Every year half of our board of 12 come up for election. This year with six of our current board members seeking re-election and several aspiring board nominees we now have ten candidates for the six available positions.

As CEO I find that most satisfying. We have a robust democrat process in place, which involves a highly contested process. Why is this so important? Well there are organisations, like ours, around the country who either “pick” their Boards, or have to go cap in hand to their members to encourage them to stand. Our governance is of the highest quality and that is partly because positions on the board are highly sought after.

I am also pleased with the fact that we have had in place an internet based voting system through Electionz .com that we have been using for the past eight years. The voting process is evolving and easy to use, and is now starting to be used by membership-based organisations across New Zealand. Who knows? Maybe someday soon we will see electronic voting for our Local and National Government elections!

The  next stage of the CECC board election process is voting, and that is up to all of the membership to ensure they have their say in the leadership of their organisation.

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