Tuesday, 6 August 2013

I am within 100m of where Napoleon stood and watched his troops march past!

I have had significant feedback on my blog last week relating to a night out with the police. Overwhelmingly, those who have contacted me have reinforced what a great job our Police Force does under trying circumstances. There has also been a lot of comment about the need to change our behaviour with respect to alcohol.

I am writing this blog from Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic. I am within 100 metres of where Napoleon stood, on a still existing balcony, to whatch his troops march past. Brno oozes history! That aside, what impresses me is the way they have almost eliminated traffic from within their central city. Cars and trucks can access where they need to but most people are delivered to the central city by a very regular and efficient tram service. The city functions well, but at its heart there is an overt and positive tranquility, which adds significantly to the central city and clearly relates to the absence of cars. There is a MacDonalds " walk through" in the city square!

My understanding is that Brno has been like this for many years. Something to think about!

I am  in Brno attending a conference on employer/reservist relationships in my capacity as chairman of The New Zealand Territorial Employers' Support Council. An interesting conference indeed, given the massive changes occurring in defence force capability around the world and the increasing reliance on part time military personnel.

On the way home I will catching up with our High Commissioner in London, Sir Lockwood Smith and the Team at NZTE in New Zealand house.

I hope to be able to pick up good information on the European economy and its direction of travel in a volatile world. I also want to ensure that the team in London know exactly where we are at in the post earthquake recovery.

Interestingly, modern technology means I am effectively still in my office!

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