Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Grasmere Lodge....pure luxury!

I recently had the privilege of staying at Grasmere Lodge. The lodge is owned and run by Tom Butler and his partner Jo. They have a truly world class offering which earns international acclaim.

The lodge oozes history. The accommodation is pure luxury and the food offerings quite superb. The lodge is positioned amongst some of New Zealand's most spectacular high country. It unashamedly caters for the high value international traveller but is also a haven for a luxury time away for New Zealanders. There is plenty to do at the lodge from horse trekking to hiking, and simply enjoying the spectacular scenery.

The role boutique offerings such as Grasmere Lodge play in attracting and indulging high value tourists to New Zealand cannot be underestimated. They attract big spenders who are returning to New Zealand regularly because of the experiences they have while here.
We should applaud people like Tom and Jo who are doing the hard yards for the economic benefit of all New Zealanders.


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