Monday, 14 September 2015

Food for Thought – The Family Health Trust

The responsibility for businesses in todays’ world to have a social focus is a key motivation for the upcoming Cuningham Taylor Business Lunch, appropriately entitled ‘Food for Thought’. CECC’s General Manager, Leeann Watson will MC this event, which aims to entertain and inform high-profile Canterbury business professionals, whilst supporting the good work of The Family Health Trust.

The Trust works towards the successful prevention of child abuse and child death in vulnerable families through an intensive five-year programme of in-home support. The role of the Family Help Trust is aligned with CECC’s philosophy on the interdependency between a strong business sector and a healthy community.

Key note speakers for this year’s lunch include the Hon. Paula Bennett, MP for Upper Harbour, Minister of State Services and Associate Minister of Finance, who, in her role as Minister of Social Development, saw first-hand the difference that organisations such as the Trust make to support NZ families. The changing nature of corporate responsibility is of special interest and Ms Bennett will share the Government’s view.

Alongside the Hon. Paula Bennett, Dr Eric Crampton, economist and Head of Research at the New Zealand Initiative, will explain the basic model that the Ministry of Health is trialing for social impact bonds, how it could be made better for community-based charitable organisations in combination with crowdfunding, and how it links into he evidence-based approach recommended in growing effective altruism movement.

This will be a thought provoking event, with an opportunity to gain insight into the economy, the role of charitable organisations in working for our families, and how the private sector might engage to make a difference. 

Visit to find out more or call 03 365 9912.

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