Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Canterbury Mayoral Forum’s Regional Economic Development Strategy

CECC is very pleased to be a strong supporter of the just released Canterbury Mayoral Forum’s Regional Economic Development Strategy. Click here for the  full strategy.

There has been a lot of good thinking going into our aspirations by all of the Canterbury Mayors, as they strive to identify the key drivers towards achieving a strong regional economy with resilient, connected communities and a better quality of life for all.

The CERA Transitional advisory Board has been emphasising the need to create an environment whereby people can live the lives they want to live. The commonality of thinking and direction of travel is compelling.

The essence of the strategy is to ensure we optimise sustainable economic growth and have the investment capability, infrastructure and skill sets to do just that.

Canterbury has bountiful natural resources including our highly valued fresh water and bountiful land. We have the capability to be a very prosperous region contributing to New Zealand’s economic performance by punching well above our weight.

The Mayoral forum a has identified the key issues we need to confront, and CECC will play its part to ensure our dreams and aspirations are realised. 

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