Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Progress in the central city

Justice Precinct
We are reaching a pivotal  stage in the central city rebuild. Several key projects are physically manifesting themselves including a very impressive Justice Precinct and the Bus Exchange. Both will have a material impact on Central City dynamics. Buildings  in the retail precinct are advancing rapidly and by October 2016 we will see the completion of several  major buildings in and around Cashel Mall. The Lichfield  carpark is undergoing demolition and of course we lost the old  Police Station in one big bang on May 31.

Every day we see a new crane, a new foundation or  a new street hoarding  behind  which there is a new development.

Police Station - last moment of life!
Exciting times  with  so much  to look forward to as we optimise the outcomes of the rebuild. It really is now about  all of us seizing the opportunities we have to recreate Christchurch  to be the place we all want to live and prosper in.

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