Friday, 4 April 2014

We've moved!

After a couple of years of being accommodated at the Westpac Business and Community Hub CECC has relocated to 518 Colombo St.

We are extremely grateful to Westpac and the others that made the Hub available to us and our members, but it is time that we got closer to the Central City. Given the delays in getting back to our real home at 57 Kilmore St., we decided to take the plunge and get one step closer to home. After a week in our new temporary premises we are settling in and enjoying being back inside the Four Avenues.

Occasionally I write some verse about issues impacting on the team at CECC. This one pretty much sums up our sentiments!

At last,
We make our move.
Just one step closer to home.
Still nomads,
But we leave our tent behind.

At last,
Windows to shed light,
We can now see our world. 
No longer blind,
To the changing day outside.

At last, 
A place to mingle,
To enjoy some time together.
A long forgotten,
Common room, just for us, to relax.

At last,
We hear the buzz of the city,
At our doorstep.
The long forgotten,
Noisy babble, of a busy downtown.

At last,
We make our move,
Just one step closer to home.
Reaching to Kilmore,
But one more step to take.

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