Tuesday, 30 April 2013

A 40 Billion Dollar challenge!

Now that there is general agreement on the current estimated cost of the Earthquakes at around $40 billion it gives us some serious food for thought.
  1. This is the biggest ever Economic Development programme New Zealand has ever seen, by a quantum!
  2. The challenges this presents are massive and unprecedented
  3. We will need to find new ways to build scale to effectively manage the recovery
  4. There are opportunities in a rebuild of this magnitude for anyone who wants to be part of it
  5. We need a good forecasting model for the roll out of the Central City rebuild identifying timeframes, costs, priorities and responsibilities
  6. The City Council and Central Government must sort out their respective financial responsibilities for the key projects in the Central City with urgency
  7. We should remind ourselves that about 60% of the cost relates to housing damage. That is $24 billion. The resources required to cope with timely repairs/rebuilds are mind boggling
  8. Given the timeframes involved, the size of the challenge and the limited life of CERA, there may be a need for a well-structured governance model to lead the recovery into the future
  9. We have a unique opportunity to do something very special with our city and we must not squander it

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