Tuesday, 27 November 2012

We've been out of Kilmore St for ages!

CECC has been out of  it’s Kilmore Street offices for a year and nine months. After six months of being located at Holmwood Rd we moved to the Westpac Business and Community Hub in Addington. The Hub  has been a fantastic location for us. Total  foot traffic through the Hub is estimate at around 40000 since it opened over a year ago.

The CECC team have shown great tolerance working in unusual conditions and we are all grateful to Westpac for accommodating us so well.

Plans are advancing for the rebuild and repair of 57 Kilmore Street. We are determined to get back into the central city as soon as we can. The target is to be home by Christmas 2013. Home will  be new and  redesigned to better meet the needs of our members. We are looking forward to it despite the fact that we will be one of the few remaining buildings on the western end of Kilmore Street, at least for a while.

In the meantime we are all committed to meeting the needs of our members and the wider business community through the provision of services from the Hub.

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