Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Exciting stuff going on out at the Air Force Museum

There is some really exciting stuff going on out at the Air Force Museum of New Zealand at Wigram.

The  major expansion of the multimillion dollar facility is well under way and expected to be completed early 2013. Last week 120 concrete trucks delivered 850 cubic metres of concrete for a continuous pour of the new main gallery floor. That is a lot of concrete!

This new facility will enable the Museum to continue to archive and store many precious and unique exhibits that were salvaged from various Christchurch and Canterbury museums after the Feb 11 earthquake. It will also provide a temporary, but highly versatile space, for large meetings and conventions, until we get a  new permanent convention centre in the Central City. Longer term it will be the much enlarged home for the Air Force Museum and provide world class display and restoration capability.

The Museum will reconfirm its status as an iconic tourism destination in Canterbury.

From every perspective this is a big, brave, exciting and extremely timely undertaking, which will serve our wider community well, in many respects,  for years to come

Watch that space!

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