Tuesday, 21 August 2012

End of the road!

I visited Hanmer over the weekend. It was a very busy place. Hundreds of visitors enjoying beautiful weather, in a tastefully laid out town, and almost all seemingly ending up in the equally well designed hot springs thermal pools.

The retail offerings in the township are excellent and very tempting. The range of eating/drinking facitilies and  accomodation options is impressive. Sitting outside a modern bar sipping a cold Cider in the sunshine and watching the world go by, was a nice change after a busy week in the city.

On Saturday we explored the back country getting very close to Lake Tennyson only to be frustrated by a washout just 5.6km from the lake. The country in behind Hanmer is well signposted and easily accessed. The starkness and natural beauty of the landscape is just stunning.

Hanmer is a short trip from Christchurch and well worth a visit.

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