Tuesday, 7 August 2012

CCDU announcement positively received

The CCDU announcement last week has been very positively received by the business community in Christchurch and beyond.

CECC hosted close to 600 people at two events the day after the announcement and the feedback was very reinforcing. 

Last Thursday we presented the blueprint (along with CERA/CCDU and the Christchurch mayor) to 60 members of the Major Companies Group in Auckland. They too were impressed with the Blueprint and  many of the attendees reinforced their commitment to Christchurch and specifically to the Central City.  

Fran O’Sullivan wrote an excellent piece the Herald, headed up “Inspiring quake-city blueprint a real gem” and she backed up that headline with a well structured article identifying the real opportunities we have ahead of us.  

Of course we also have to put up with the expected divisive negative media that has emanated from expected quarters. My response to those who want to run down the vision is to “drown them in positivity”. We have the greatest opportunity ever put before a community in New Zealand’s history and if we go together (Central Government, Local Government and the Community) we can create an extraordinarily positive future for all of us. 

We owe to our grandchildren  to settle for nothing less.

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