Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Supporting Migrant Staff & their Employers

CECC is actively involved in issues around immigration and settlement support to assist to build capacity post Earthquake

  • Projections to 2015 are that at least 12,000 workers from offshore will be required to fill the labour shortages in the trades and construction sectors – this is after exhausting regional and national labour sources
  • Whether or not this figure is achievable is unclear, however, it is clear that we will require significant offshore resource to assist with the recovery
  • The demographics of the Canterbury workplace are changing, and changing fast. Some savvy companies are actively recruiting offshore and bringing workers in now by the hundreds. Employers will need to develop new skills to manage people across different cultures. These skills may never before have been used by some employers.
  • Resources are now available from CECC/Settlement Support to help employers assist newcommers to New Zealand to settle and work in Christchurch.
  • To develop new resources that are specific to the Canterbury rebuild, we need to find out what employers need so they can better manage and understand their migrant workforce.
Please take five minutes of your time to help us understand what may be helpful to your business by filling out the survey below.

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