Tuesday, 5 June 2012

I hope the CCDU is bold and brave in its vision for the city!

I have been involved in a lot of speaking engagements over the past couple of weeks. There is still a real hunger out there for up-to-date information on the key issues relating to Earthquake recovery. My audiences have been many and varied, but they all share a belief about the positive future of Christchurch. Don’t take too much notice of the surveys that are indicating a high proportion of our citizens are considering leaving town. We all have a big opportunity to be involved in the rebuild, and I suspect you might see people flooding into Christchurch, not out of it - if we can find somewhere for them to live!

With under 60 days to go until the Christchurch Central Development Unit’s release of its blueprint, expectations are building. The release of the blueprint will be another big step along the way.

I hope the CCDU is bold and brave in its vision, that the community embraces it and expresses a strong desire to get on with realising this city's big future.

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