Thursday, 12 April 2012

Design Your Future Forum

Here are some thoughts eminating from the  Design your Future Forum I attended in Auckland last week. It was driven by some of the worlds  great thought leaders on business trends.

You might find some of them challenging. I hope you find all of them interesting

  • Data is the new oil
  • Water is the new oil
  • Simplicity is a part of good design
  • We are living in a volatile place
  • The more efficient a system gets the less resilient it becomes
  • You cannot plan an urban space. You can imagine it, but you cannot plan it
  • Design behaviours, not objects
  • Be insanely great
  • Design is never done
  • Systems are never done
  • Focus on the user and all else will follow
  • A powerful mission is fundamental to success.
  • The play you are immersed in, in childhood determines how you act as an adult.
  • Imagination is more important than knowledge
  • The smartest person is the one who is the most strategically creative
  • The hand programmes the brain
  • Play has a positive approach to failure
  • The opposite of play is depression, not work
  • Bring your whole person to work
  • Design is a method of imagining something that does not yet exist
  • The employee experience is as important as the customer experience
  • The concept of empathy means you must understand what is happening in your customer’s life
  • Youth are perpetually connected
  • Youth are forming new habits that everyone else is adopting
  • The millenials do care about their privacy.
  • Leadership is the capacity for human beings to scope their own future

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