Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The beginning of the recovery end of our Earthquake experience

It is clear that we are starting to get into the beginning of the recovery end of our Earthquake experience.  Increasing work on infrastructure, rebuilds, repairs, skill shortages and housing shortages are all signs of increasing economic activity relating to the recovery.

We are awaiting  finality on the Central City Plan and the wider Economic Recovery Plan is about to go out for consultation and input.

We are getting closer to certainty with the siting of critical pieces of infrastructure and there is now more clarity on the anticipated long term impact of the Earthquake on City Council plans, programmes and finances. Of course we are still living the nightmare of insurance complications, building assessments and continuing delays in housing repairs.

However we know this recovery is a long game.

We should be assured, that once we do get the recovery really cranking, we will enjoy a sustained period of intense and positive activity in the rebuild. No one should consider that we are “stuck” in a rebuild mode and that this is a negative environment until the rebuild is completed. On the contrary: we have suffered the pain and we have a lot of the potential gain locked  in!

Christchurch is  going to be an exciting and challenging place to be part of, long into the future. It is just about time to climb on board and fasten your seat belts!

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