Tuesday, 22 December 2015

It's been a big year!

It has been a big year in Christchurch and Canterbury.  We have made good progress across our city,  which  we can expect to ramp up in the New Year. The money is being spent and it is really starting to show.

2016 will be  another big year with $100 million  per week being invested in the rebuild and by October you will be able to enjoy a nearly complete central city retail precinct.

2016 will be the year we get to be 50% through the rebuild in terms on dollar spend.

Across Canterbury much has been done through the good work of the Mayoral Forum to clarify regional vision and identify what needs to be done to achieve it.

It's also good to see progress being made on the Urban Development Strategy Refresh Project which will create a vision and framework reflecting our common values, principles and direction for how Greater Christchurch will look, feel and function in our future. There is an initial workshop 'Our Place' on 1-3 February to discuss  a draft shared vision, underlying values and a demonstrable commitment to work together. Having a strong business representation is critical so that the conversations cover the breadth of ideas and aspirations to form a shared perspective. I strongly encourage member organisations to step up and contribute to this initiative. To signal such a desire please email ourplace@greaterchristchurch.org.nz for more details and to register.

We live in a remarkable  part of the world  full of real opportunity. It is up to all of us to realise those opportunities.

But right now, as we wind up another exhausting  12 months, it is time to relax, enjoy family,  friends and pay special attention to those who continue to need support.

Merry Christmas and all the best for 2016.

Peter T

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