Thursday, 9 July 2015

Regenerating Christchurch

As a consequence of the announcements made by the Prime Minister last week, at the well attended lunch hosted by CECC, there is now an opportunity to have input into the Draft Transition Recovery Plan.

The Prime Minister made it very clear that the next phases in the recovery are about regeneration, changed structures and a particular emphasis on collaboration between Central Government and Local Government. He also talked about strong governance and  improved visibility around what is to be done, by whom, and when. This is a critical time in the rebuild as Government works towards exiting from its special post-earthquake positioning and more responsibility is transferred, in stages, back to the Christchurch City Council (in particular).

The Draft Transitional Recovery Plan provides context for the transition of the Government's role in Greater Christchurch as long term recovery arrangements are progressed.

The Plan includes proposals around new legislation, new recovery arrangements for the central city and new process relating to feedback on progress.

I encourage you to go to to see how you can have input.

It is critical that we get clarity of the way forward and community input is vital.

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