Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Opportunity for Christchurch to have world class public bike share system

The Bike Share system is a world class option that will connect key sites within the CBD, and offer a way for people to move easily between businesses, attractions and back again. The first thirty minutes of every ride will be free, and, once registered, use of the bikes is as easy as logging in with your cellphone number. Helmets and combination locks will also be
provided with every bike.

In order to seed a two-year pilot, a crowdfunding campaign on PledgeMe is being launched to raise the money needed for technical costs, visit www.chchbikeshare.co.nz

The project has already received commitment from private partners for the operating costs – however, $45,000 is still needed to enable equipment leasing and installation costs.

“The great thing about the crowdfunding campaign is that every cent raised goes towards the bikes on the street. If the community really get behind the campaign, we can add more bikes and more stations to the pilot.” Project Manager Robert Henderson said today.

He also said public bike share systems operated in some of the most vibrant cities in the world, where they played an integral part of a city’s public transport mix. Christchurch City Councillor Paul Lonsdale agrees, saying that "the bike share stations are an internationally proven way to reduce inner city traffic by getting people traveling to meetings across the city out of their cars and onto a bike. It’s also fantastic way to introduce exercise into your day."

People who support the crowdfunding project have the option to gain advanced exclusive memberships to the Bike Share system which will give them extended riding time and other benefits. There is also the chance to win Spark mobile phones and other prizes through contributing to the campaign.

Christchurch businesses also have the opportunity to back the project and get their staff easily moving about the CBD. There are corporate pledge options which give employees extended memberships to the system and offer benefits to local businesses.

A leading city central retailer, Dan Joines, has also strongly supported the concept saying that “a bike share is innovative and reflective of the new Christchurch - we think it is a fabulous idea for the CBD.”

Supporters of the campaign will also be asked to suggest where in the CBD they would like to see Bike Share stations.

The PledgeMe campaign will run for four weeks. If it does not reach its target the project will not proceed.

The Bike Share project has gratefully received support from Spark, MoreFM, Nextbike NZ, Ontrack Cycle Gear, Treadlie Magazine, Pepe’s Mexican Grill, and LexaFilms. For more information visit: www.chchbikeshare.co.nz

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