Wednesday, 15 October 2014

We've been busy!

This is an excerpt from a speech to our members at our AGM delivered by GM Leeann Watson.

It shows you just how busy we have been at CECC over the past year!

“The past year has been another busy one for the team. I thought a brief overview of what we have delivered might put this into perspective and also give you an outline of the support and value we provide to you, our members:

Richard, Shirley, Keith, Melanie, Rob, Helen and Steve provided members with advice, consultancy or resources across a range of topics such as HR, employment law, health and safety and export marketing to name a few, through over 7,100 engagements – almost double the amount a year ago.

Richard, Holly and Wendy managed and hosted 52 events with 6,922 in attendance including highlights such as the Royal lunch, two functions with the Prime Minister and our inaugural China Connections.

Mary and Alexia ran 164 training sessions supporting 2,152 members on topics such as health and safety, business growth, social media, marketing and leadership.

Lana, Jude and Lisa supported over 1000 newcomers and over 300 businesses who are now employing approximately 9000 migrants in involved in the rebuild of our city.

Shirley and our ExportNZ committee facilitated over 400 exporting members attended our 4 export breakfasts focusing on Food and Beverage, High Tech and Agri Tech sectors.

We hosted 9 international trade delegations –all very keen to engage with our city, our businesses and the rebuild

We celebrated and recognised business success with 1250 businesses thanks to Julianna, Richard and Holly at our 2014 Champion Canterbury Business Awards a few weeks ago.

Shirley, Rachel and Carly processed over 13,700 sets of export documentation.

To date, we have listed over 700 businesses on Collaborate Canterbury with the aim of creating collaborative partnerships for local businesses to build scale through collaboration.

Many of you here today were one of the 73,909 visits to our website over the past 12 months, which Kate, Chelsea and Steve upgraded earlier this year to make it easier for you to access support and information including over 100 free resources.

We continue to see strong membership growth and engagement from our members and Kellee, Anna and Anne will be known to many of you through their regular contact.

That is just a bit of a taste of how we engage with you, our members.”

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