Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Whakatane proclaims itself as the sunshine capital of New Zealand....

This week I am attending the National Conference of the New Zealand Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Whakatane. Whakatane proclaims itself as the sunshine capital of New Zealand and the weather we are experiencing justifies that claim. Just a shame that we are stuck indoors, conferencing all day. The national network of 32 Chambers are all represented at Whakatane. We are considering a wide range of topics including the structure and function of Local Government, general issues around governance, leadership, media profiling, membership, information support systems and just generally greeting to know each other better.

It is always reassuring to test where we are at compared to other Chambers across the country. CECC is in good heart and in a good place and we can stand and  be counted with all like organisations across the country.

An extract from the National Chamber of Commerce conference. Whakatane October 22
Some points from  an address on leadership by Shelly Campbell CEO Sir Peter Blake Trust

Leadership is about:
  • What you do, with what you know
  • Being prepared to do whatever it takes
  • Being brave and honestly expressing your concerns, but choosing the things you wnat to be brave about
  • Being very clear, very honest and prepared to learn
  • Believing in your people and providing feedback that builds confidence and builds competence
  • Good neutral hard conversations
  • Focussing on leadership that the organisation requires at the time.

In the context of leadership it is important to:
  • Know what value you add and what you are good at
  • Focus on culture and belief that is doable
  • Not making assumptions about who the leaders are
  • Focus less on structure and more on people and the direction of travel
  • Stay current and relevant
  • Be curious and explore possibilities
  • Sometimes it is better to be effective over efficient
  • Look at the bigger picture
  • Understand that the best predictors of success are agility, resilience and perserverance

 All good food for thought!

The Duncan Cotterill Business Lunch
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