Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Getting Ready

As the $40 billion plus rebuild starts to wind up we need to be sure that we are as well prepared as possible to confront the enormity of what we have ahead of us.

The $40 billion rebuild involves:-

  • ·         $2.5 billion worth of horizontal infrastructure
  • ·         90,000 homes needing to be repaired under $100,000
  • ·         25,000 homes in excess of $100,000
  • ·         Around 1,500 commercial buildings to be rebuilt

It is an enormous task and a task that the business community of Christchurch needs to be well prepared for. It worries me a little that a lot of businesses out there are just looking to tomorrow and not looking further out in terms of their planning. We really do need to envisage where we are going to be twelve months down the track and plan accordingly.

In twelve months the Christchurch economy will be a completely different place than it is today. There will be drivers that have come to play that we don’t have involved in our economy at present, everyone will be extraordinarily busy and the big problems will be about how we manage growth in our community and our economy rather than how we struggle through a post-earthquake environment. It is really important therefore, that we all look closely at our businesses and anticipate the sort of resources we may require twelve months down the track so that we can prepare ourselves accordingly.

To do anything else will be to miss out on New Zealand’s greatest ever economic opportunity.

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