Tuesday, 26 February 2013

We are entering a challenging but exciting growth phase of the recovery

As we enter the challenging but exciting growth phase of the recovery (with regional growth already at 7.5% and unemployment 2 percentage points lower than the rest of New Zealand) we are getting increasing interest from all sectors of the community in CECC's offering.

It is important that as a Chamber we play our role to assist all businesses to optimise their activity in this extremely active economy.

Big demands for increased working capital, new ways of building business relationships and how to manage  resources constraints, including skill shortages, are all critical issues currently facing our members.

For me, these are positive problems as opposed to some of the negative issues we were dealing with in the survival phase immediately post-earthquake.

We are busy refining our offering in the context of this  new environment. Like all progressive businesses we know that new business models are required and  that we are all going somewhere new, not back to where we came from.

We are always receptive to suggestions on how we can use our resources more effectively to add value to our members and to all prospective members. We have 30 good people dedicated to  maximising positive outcomes for all business. They are all energised and excited by the prospects resulting from the rebuild and they are at your service.

February 22, 2013

Just a short time to reflect, 
To look back over the past two years,
And think of all that happened then,
And much that has happened since.

Also a time to look ahead
To the positive challenges we will embrace
And how we, all together
Will take this city to a bright new place. 

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