Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Go Potty!

Last week  I officially opened the studios of  Go Potty. This ceramic studio allows participants to create their own pottery either at the studio or in their home, school or workplace. It is a great  team builder and an easy and unthreatening way to be creative. Go Potty have been assisted by Recover Canterbury, are enthusiastic members of CECC and have been actively  supported by us, in the formative stages of their business. The dinner set in the accompanying photo was done by wedding guests as a gift to the newly married. Each guest created their own piece immediately after the wedding. Assisting me to cut the  ribbon is Claire Robb the founder and owner of Go Potty.

For further information go to their website http://www.gopotty.co.nz/ or book on  gopottynz@gmail.com

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