Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Let's Get Into It Christchurch!

The Get Into It Christchurch campaign is being run by Recover Canterbury and aims to drive consumers to make a concise choice to support local businesses.

Our business community has experience pain over the last year but gain is just around the corner. We have a huge rebuild ahead of us, with about $30 billion being invested here over the coming years. I want to see as many businesses as possible remain in Christchurch to reap the benefits of this. That means we, as a community, all need to support our businesses while they get over the final few hurdles ahead of them.

The Get Into It Christchurch campaign is supported by The Press and More FM who are running public promotions as well as offering discounted advertising packages to local businesses. The campaign provides a platform on which businesses can promote themselves while also appealing to the public to get into their city again.

The campaign runs until1 April, so let's get out there and support all our local businesses!

Follow the campaign on facebook or join up if you are a local business wishing to take part.


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